Submit Express, SUbmit Your Site to 40 search engine just one Click

The Best free service. My favorite tool.
Submit Express. When we create new site one thing always be our big problem. How to get index by Google immidiately.
One tips: If you want your site get index by Google under 24 hours, can be 4 hours. If you agree with my solutions so do it. Start build your site every 15 minutes, sound hard but Search engine like Google love very much the site that update everytime and more every second. Update it every 15 minutes or maybe 30 minutes, and your jobs has done.

If you disagree with solution above then just use submit express free services. Just one click to submit your site through 40 giant search engines.

Use Webtoid or Reddit or other social bookmarking. This solution need minimum 2-4 days for your site to getting index.

People always said about " Wanna get index, just add site to Google Webmaster."
That right, but if you never update your site, every solutions will become useless.
So the most important is updating and updating.
And don't forget to give a time between each post.
You post 10 post in different times will be more Google friendly than you post 100 in same times

You have find it, time to learn it, and Build it

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