Best Paid To Click, Earn $1, and $5 quick

PTC that really pay:
* Intoffers
* TrekPay
* Neobux
* Clixsense

If you need $1 quick:
* Join Intoffers, follow this step:
1. sign up
2. Go to Get paid to SignUp menu
3. Sign up to all the offer ( free)
4. Check your account back tomorrow, if you do everything well you will see your balance earning was increased( click withdraw menu, choose your payment system).
5. Check your Internet Bank account the next days, earning was pay to your account.
( IntOffers, pay everyday and no minimun payment to withdraw our earning).
Visit Intoffers

If you need $5 quick:
* Join TrekPay, follow this step:
1. signup
2. Go to menu: Search
3. and start your paid to click work, everyclick you earn credit.
4. Not like the other Paid to Click sites, Trekpay not set timer to view the ads.
5. Click all the ads, one days can be more than hundred ads. one ads we earn 1-3 credit.
6. If you have click all the ads, signout and return after 3, 5 or 6 hours, not like the other PTC sites. the new ads generate more than one a day in TrekPay.
7. I have try earn 22 credit and just leave it away and when  I return tomorrow, the credit was convert to cash $0,25. I just click 17 ads how about hundred.( Paid Weekly)
Visit TrekPay

Possible Scam PTC:
Scam PTC will claim pay us more than $0.02 per click, It can be $1, $10, or $250. Found it and leave it away.

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