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how I make my first dollar. There hundred millions people around the world now, connect to surf and online everyday, but just few of them know and care about make money with it.
When I get a chance to connect, everytime I try to find some great stuff and great word that can give me some image about make money online.
I start to learn what people call as affiliate marketer, what Pay per click exactly, how they work and make money. I signup almost hundred program that claim will let me make money with their system, I got a ton of spam mail.

First things we have to do when we decided to make money online: try to Make your second email address, don't use your personal and the best email or you will the end with damn spams mail everyday.

What will you do now?
yes, I thought you will try to find it at google search engine.

If you want to try pay per click program, just remember one point. There no pay per click program that will pay us more than $0,02 per click. So if you find site that claim will pay you more, 99% they are scam. So just leave it alone.

Try to make money from affiliate program, sell something on Ebay, Join pay per impressions, etc. You can find hundred ways to let you make some extra cash. My first touch program that really pay is pay per survey, it's value $5-$50 per survey.

Some online survey companies, request a membership fee.
Different between online survey companies that set their program for free and not.
Some survey companies let you join their survey team for free, but you will find it not too much surveys to do, maybe one or two surveys per months. Some survey companies really intend at your loyality, they need to know detail about every single people who take the surveys, do they serious enough or just take the surveys for fun?. The more quality survey worker, more the survey companies reputation increase, and high reputation mean more client. So some Survey companies set their membership fee just for make sure every single people who apply for survey jobs, do this jobs with high quality and seriously not just for fun.

Can be get paid for taking online surveys is the best part and the fastest ways to make money online. What we have to do just share our opinion.Some big company have new brand product, before new product launch they need to know market impressions. The survey reduce 50% new brand product failure. They show you their product, online surveys companies distribute this offer to us, we do the survey and get cash. That how the survey program work.

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