Make Money Online Together

Everyday and everybody smash and rotate to find the greatest idea to start earn big buck online. Everybody believe "Internet=Money=Passive income"
That totaly real, once you get your first then nothing will never stop you. We not talking about country but the entire earth money system.

I share the idea through forum discuss some thread call "earn money together"
great responsed but everybody always like something instant. Something that can generate ton of money just as easy as we move our hand. Sound silly and lazy thinking.

Previous post in last month I post the system that can make us earn $1 quick and the other option was earn $5 quick. All hit the click to $5 trick, some advise can get from this action. All visitor who click  $5 disappear like ghost because or maybe they find that the system need their effort to earn. For few visitors who hits $1 now generate more than $1 maybe $5 or $10 that need effort too not instant and with high motivation.

The weakness point when we try to find the system that work make money : we try to find something that can earn more with no work, we got influence by mass advertising in entire search engines.

" earn money just in 15 minutes work" or " earn 20 millions and they show you tons of money screen shot ". Slow down but sure we start to believe.

So the key to success online was
*think something real ( just use you logic)
*If you start create website and your true motivate was money then I said you will totaly end with nothing. That happened to me, I create more than 20 blog and nothing happened, all big zero. (I get this advise from some great blogger)
*Don't easy to spend your money before you get some experince about online world that truly full of scam.
*Believe that nothing instant if you just know little bit, All income will be automate and instant when you really know well what people call "make money online"
*(this coloumn was wait for your motivation)

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