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Do you use shvoong?
Shvoong was the site that paid us to write a review of everything.

Yes, this site generate me 20 leads just from write some short summaries.
Shvoong was the one of the review site which support more than 20 language.

I won't explain it detail about this website because you could find it by yourself.

Go to the topic.
First time me or everybody whose decided to join shvoong just for one reason "Get Paid". Some of their top earner can generate $1600 that was awesome but still not mean easy.

One guy just need to write 7 summaries or review and the other maybe just need 1 review and 10 translate. Just minim effort they can earn more than $600, this amount was 10 times more than people who write 600 summaries or more. Seem so weird, but some secret behind this.

We can write every review in more than 20 language, that the secret. Just think about it, English was international language right?. then our competitor were the whole world and those guys who native with this. Everybody can write even me who have bad record with this language can write so free.

The language can be make our traffic more targeted:
1. Search your target country.
2. Search the hotest topic or trend at your target country. (find your main keywords for your title, short description, and summaries).
3. Write the review or something that be your real aim, like sell product or anything.
4. Translate It use Google Translate, in first month of 2009 this tool was useless but at the end all tool upgrade and get more great performance. You can test it by yourself.
5. Post It on Shvoong.

At shvoong every summaries was approve, All posting have setting with very search engine friendly system and just need few second, your post was live to the public. Don't surprise if your review or summary can reach top ten of your main keyword at search engine like Google if you do your keywords research well.

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Lorenzo on January 7, 2010 at 11:20 PM said...

Thanks for the very good idea mentioned in the post. So many people are earning more money by several ways to lead a happy life. From google the person can earn more money by doing adwords and adsense. It is all simple and can earn the life.

Wipo on January 8, 2010 at 12:49 AM said...

Thanks for visit and great comment Lorenzo.
Yeah, If we know how to do with adsense and great tool such adword. Earn big extra cash can't be impossible.

Nice to meet you.
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