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I have some tips or tricks to welcome traffic. Since I have no time to do such system like traffic exhange so decided to join some great program:
1. join new traffic exchange, get the credit bonus and use it and finally leave it ( find referral to get the other bonus credits).
2. Join Link Referral ( if you need the link, just check at the homepage of this blog. you can find the logo on right side ). Link referral have system like website directory and traffic exhange. I join the program, view 30 site, review 1 site, forum posting 1 time and add favorite site 1 time. Finally I do the step 1 time and leave it alone, I never do it again and surprisingly my website get traffic everyday and review and being add as favorite website by the other.
3. Join, the site support by yahoo and have well system to let every post easy to track by the other member and also build backlink depend on tags.
4. Vinefire. If you need referral to your free program then Vinefire was the best. I just convert my url into 10 short link and post it once. I check it tomorrow and I get thousand traffic just in a minutes.
5. Articlebase and Shvoong. Since shvoong support 32 language, every post have more targeted traffic. I just write short summary about the program that I promoting, add url at the end of post. The result was end with 13 referral. Amazing right, so try it

My post wasn't so great but I try to share the best I ever know.

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